About Rent a Skip

Rent a Skip is an established company founded in 2012 looking at solving your waste problems. We strive to be on time, service orientated, friendly company and always willing to solve your waste or rubble problems. Our skips range from small 2m3 or 2.5 Ton in size, which are ideal for those small home jobs or excess waste from your business, to large commercial skips 6m3 to 30m3. These are ideal for large construction sites, or factories with large waste requirements.

The miniskip is smaller than your conventional rubble removers, so we are able to drop and remove the skips in confined spaces, pavements or underground parking.

We offer a delivery of compost or top soil for your grass or flower beds. This material is produced form a certified producer.

If you are looking at doing some renovations, we are able to deliver building material, such as sand or cement and will then be able to remove your rubble.

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