Waste and Rubble Removal

Rent a Skip is a drop and collect waste service, whose concept is widely used across the world. Based in Cape Town and now Johannesburg, we are able to service you with a drop and collect waste removal solution. We have a large range of skips, ranging from small 2m3, 6m3, 9m3rent a skip waste and rubble removal to 30m3 skips. We have a range of rental options to suit your waste needs, from daily rentals to long term monthly rentals. The small skips are transported on trailers and are ideal for those hard to reach areas such as basement parking areas and narrow roads and pavements. They can be used for small building renovations, garden waste or home waste removal. The larger skips are ideal for construction sites or anywhere where large waste needs to be removed rapidly. We are able to deliver certified compost or top soil for gardens or sports fields.

There are a wide range of rental options from day to day drop and collect, to weekly and monthly rentals. We are able to customise a solution to fit your needs.

Rent a Skip Compost and Top Soil Delivery

Compost and top soil delivery

Rent a Skip also offer delivery of compost and top soil for garden beds, grassed areas and sports fields. This material comes from a certified compost supplier who boast "the most nutritiously and consistently produced compost on the market, offering a product that has a nutrient content which is often more than double that of any other compost available, and one which is 100% consistent, load after load."

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